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Bankruptcy was originally planned as a remedy for creditors — not debtors.During the reign of King Henry VIII, bankruptcy law allowed a creditor to seize all of the assets of a trader who could not pay his debts.

If nothing works, then don’t start your evasive tactics…In India people say they need young entrepreneurs but even their family doesnt want to support.If they do the socity dont accept them and call them as young blooded person acting on a fire...I have been hearing again and again of people driven to suicide by loan collectors or in this peculiar news, defaulters killing their bankers. In a business losing money does not mean that you had embezzled funds.80% of the business fail due to cash flow problems and those can be over come by talking to bankers to extend the loan, or with the help of a short term loan from friends and of the business usually failed as a result of non conducive market scenario and is part of the learning process.But have you noticed one thing in common among all these defaulters…. I agree that in traditional societies like India, being fired from the job or failure in your latest venture makes you the center of the town gossip… you have responsibility towards your family, your kids and killing yourself/banker does not solve the problem. you will be surprised to know it coming from unlikeliest of the places.

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